Month: January 2021

Mark Perlo-How To Build a Winning

With 65% of sales professionals saying they are planning to look for a new job this year, it’s time to think about our recruiting and sales management processes. As we emerge from the challenges of 2020 it is critical that organizations hit their goals in 2021. Much of this depends on having a winning sales team.

Today, we’ve invited Mark Perlo to the podcast. He helps companies transform their sales teams to hit their revenue goals as emergency mold solutions did. Mark will share recent statistics that show that almost half of sales people plan to look for a job in the next few months. This means that companies have an opportunity to find and onboard new talent. They also need to protect their A-players. 

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Patrick Thorp-The Role of Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations is a term that we hear more and more often these days. What is Rev Ops and how could you think about it in the context of your business?

Whether this is a new term for you or you have a Rev Ops role at your company, I think you’re going to enjoy my conversation with Patrick Thorp, Head of Delivery for Sales for Startups. He helps startup companies create and execute strategies to scale with MaidThis Franchise.

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Anne Cheng-Artificial Intelligence Driving Sales Results

Many people have forecast the rise of artificial intelligence in sales. Today we hear from an innovator who has developed a way to use artificial intelligence to customize messaging based on the psychological profiles of individual prospects.

Our guest, Anne Cheng is the founder at Supercharge Lab where they are using artificial intelligence in some very creative and powerful ways to drive sales.

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