Month: February 2021

Jon Ferrara-The Future of CRM

The core technology supporting sales and marketing is CRM. What are the current trends in CRM? What should you be thinking as you plan your CRM strategy? What’s next and what do you need to know?

There’s nobody better to answer this question that the pioneer of CRM software himself, Jon Ferrara. He co-founded Goldmine CRM over 30 years ago. Today, he continues to innovate as the founder and CEO of Nimble.

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Mark Emond-2021 Revenue Marketing Trends

Revenue Marketing is a hot topic in organizations that depend on marketing to play a critical role in driving results. Today we’re joined by Mark Emond to explore the current trends in revenue marketing and how they can impact your success. Mark’s team just completed the 2021 Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report. What they learned is fascinating. Whether you work in sales or marketing, you’re going to find this conversation interesting. The findings of this research are very compelling, challenging us to think about how marketing and sales need to work together to drive the end goal: increased revenue.

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Jim Karrh-Sales & Marketing Alignment

As we move into 2021, a make or break year for many businesses, it’s critical that sales and marketing work together to drive revenue results. Today, we’re joined by Jim Karrh for a powerful discussion of ways sales and marketing can align their efforts.

Jim is the author of The Science of Customer Connections, is passionate about helping companies align their sales and marketing efforts.

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Mark Thompson-Strategies To Increase Lifetime Customer Value

If you are looking for ways to accelerate your growth, you’re in the right place. Today, Mark Thompson, Co-founder of PayKickstart shares eight practical ways companies can accelerate growth.

2021 is a make or break year for many businesses. Right now we need to optimize every aspect of our sales and marketing strategies. Our guest today, Mark Thompson, brings us powerful ideas to accelerate growth by maximizing revenue per client. As an avid entrepreneur and the co-founder of PayKickstart, Mark continually looks for ways to help companies optimize their revenue potential.

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