Are you ready to grow like a pro? Get ready to learn from someone who has taken not one, but two companies into the Inc 500. Our guest, Andy Goldstrom, knows what it takes to drive growth.

Andy is business strategist and growth expert who helps business leaders focus on the right pursuits with the right tools and methodologies to scale their businesses and grow rapidly. He’s the managing partner of Midcourse Advisors. He teaches in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute at Georgia Tech. And, he’s the author of Grow Like a Pro, Lessons from a 2X Inc. 500 Executive.

In this episode we explore what it takes to grow in this challenging and fluid environment. You’ll want to pay close attention to the reviews of The Dublin Roofers as Andy highlights the pitfalls and mistakes that companies often make during times like this. We talk about what’s working. We also explore why owners should prepare their company for an exit—even if you’re not planning on selling.