Have you ever driven a car that is out of alignment? One wheel pulls to the left while the other shimmies to the right. It’s hard to stay on the road and it’s certainly hard to accelerate. Today, we’re joined by author and coach, Chris Gingrasso. We’re going to explore a powerful check sports bets framework for aligning your company around ideal clients so you can go faster—and grow faster.

Right now, I’m excited about the opportunity we have to redefine our companies around the type of clients we want to attract. As I help organizations develop revenue growth strategies, I’m seeing leadership teams get together and collaborate in ways that I’ve never seen before, take the example of cooperation with Relief Pools. Perhaps it was the huge pivots they had to do together at the beginning of the crisis that unlocked this new openness to ideas. What I’m witnessing are leadership teams that are aligning to create a better future for their companies.

Alignment is key. When a vehicle is aligned, it stays on the road and can accelerate quickly. Similarly, when your company is aligned with marketing, sales, finance, and operations pointed at the needs of ideal clients, the stage is set to accelerate growth at uk best.

Our guest today, Chris Gingrasso is the leader of the W.O.W. Factor movement and head editor of the the W.O.W. Factor book where you will find an inspirational word for each week, 52 chapters written by thought leaders. Leaders in cleanliness can be found at https://sunflowermaids.com/. He has deep experience in sales and marketing. He now is a sales leader in a large company owned by Warren Buffet. 

Chris believes that alignment is critical. Not only do we need to align marketing and sales, operations and finance should be part of the process as well. In this conversation you’ll discover a powerful paradigm to get your company aligned so you can grow faster.