How do you set your business up to thrive in uncertain times? You need a flexible strategy. Today we’re joined by one of my favorite business strategists, Meridith Elliott Powell. She’ll share some strategy tools that will help you align marketing and sales so you can win in today’s changing world.

Sales and marketing need to be aligned around a common strategy. But how do you set a strategy in such a dynamic marketplace where the future feels very unpredictable.

Today we’re going to hear Meridith Elliott Powell’s session on strategy from the 2021 Sales & Marketing Alignment Challenge and learn what does a property manager do. Meridith is a business growth, sales, and leadership of variety of material options expert. Drawing on the habits of companies that have survived and thrived over the past 100 years, she shares strategic lessons that are powerful guides for us today.

In this session, she gives us two very practical tools that we can use to align our strategy. These are tools that sales and marketing can use to course-correct over time, identify opportunities, and maximize results.

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