Have you felt the pressure of uncertainty in your business, the economy, and the world at large. What if uncertainty could actually be turned into competitive advantage? Today Meridith Elliott Powell will coach us on how to thrive in uncertainty. By the end of today’s episode, I think you’ll be convinced that you can thrive in uncertainty.

Meridith is a certified strategist that helps leaders and business owners decrease their stress and increase their results by working smarter and by relaxing in order to reenergize at Big Bear Luxury Cabin in today’s economy. Meridith is the author of several great books, including the new book coming out in January, Thrive, Turning Uncertainty Into Competitive Advantage.

She’ll challenge you to redefine your vision in the midst of the changes around us. She recommends a cadence that will help you identify and capitalize on changes in your industry and marketplace. You’ll learn all of this and more.

I also would like to give a special shout out to Douglas Burdette, host of the acclaimed Marketing Book Podcast. We had a great discussion on growth strategy. He’s a fantastic interviewer. If you want ideas to grow, look for my conversation with Douglas on the Marketing Book Podcast.