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Lots of gold nuggets

Lots of gold nuggets of sales wisdom in the show. I was introduced to Darrell as a podcast guest, and he finds great topics and speakers with super insights.

Truly focused on adding value for business owners

Darrell is an amazing host and his whole interview style is based on ensuring that he is adding maximum value for listeners, so they come away with from every episode with a number of pieces of actionable knowledge and information. Definitely worth listening to!

Real Business Talk

Darrell and his talented guests talk all things business and sales, but it’s so much more than that! Not only do you get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips, but you’ll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that have been where you are and want to see you succeed. Thanks so much for putting out such an actionable show Darrell - keep up the great work!

Great conversations

Darrell asks great questions and does a great job of extracting smart insights from his guests.

Inspiration and Actionable Insights

It’s not enough to be inspired. You then have to DO SOMETHING. I love how this podcast opens our eyes to new ideas and possibilities but then pushes forward to make sure it gives us the tools/information to be able to do something with those new ideas. Highly recommend.

How’s your engine?

What a great resource for sales!

Excellent show

Great show for business owners and sales professionals. Darrell and his guests always share helpful insights and actionable advice!


Great podcast! Darrell is an incredible host and brings tons of valuable information to his listeners.

Excellent podcast!

So many great ideas and tips from this show! Darrell and his guests have incredible insight to share.

Great new show!

This is a great new marketing show I have discovered. Darrell Amy is an excellent host with very informative guests on each episode. Very actionable and insightful information each week!

Great insight for Sales and Marketing Leaders

This podcast really helps me zoom out and think about my sales and marketing functions strategically. The guests are consistently the most highly credible guests I have heard on any sales or marketing podcast!

Great Podcast

I really enjoyed this series of Podcasts, great collection of sales, and marketing leaders giving practical advice for navigating and leading teams through these uncertain times.

Practical Advice You Can Use Immediately

Darrell Amy is one of the guys who ‘gets it’ in sales and marketing. It’s not just another boilerplate show about how “sales and marketing needs to be more integrated.” Darrell has the know-how and expertise to help you get where you want to go, and with this show, he’s sharing real tactics and how to implement them. Want to get your revenue engine really revving in the red? Subscribe, listen, and learn.

Practical. Tactical. And Vision filled

Marrying Sales and Marketing is hard to pull off. Darrell’s heart and passion for this is evident. Plus the guests are top-shelf. I’m selective about the people I let “into my head” and this podcast just got added to the list.

Much needed.

Darrell always brings good insight and timely information. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite resources.

Full of action items and nuggets

Message matters more now than ever before. What I like about the Revenue Growth podcast is it’s conversational in nature and full of action items that you can put into place to help grow your business.