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About the Revenue Growth Podcast

Are you looking for ways to recover revenue and accelerate growth? Welcome to the Revenue Growth Podcast with Darrell Amy, author of Revenue Growth Engine.

This is the place for business owners, sales leaders, and marketing professionals to get ideas an inspiration to drive exponential revenue growth. Each week you’ll get actionable insights from the world’s leading marketing and sales thought leaders and practitioners.


“What I like about the Revenue Growth podcast is it’s conversational in nature and full of action items that you can put into place to help grow your business.”

– Larry Levine via Apple Podcasts

“The guests are consistently the most highly credible guests I have heard on any sales or marketing podcast!”

– WillturnerP via Apple Podcasts

“The guests are top-shelf. I’m selective about the people I let ‘into my head’ and this podcast just got added to the list.”

– abc brad via Apple Podcast

Meet Your Host

Darrell Amy is a growth architect, helping great companies grow revenue so they can give. He is the author of the international best seller, Revenue Growth Engine: How To Align Sales and Marketing To Accelerate Growth

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Revenue Growth Engine gives company owners, sales leaders, and marketing managers a strategy and a model to grow revenue faster.

Whether you own a company, lead a sales team, or work in marketing, you share the same goal: revenue growth. In today’s economy, companies need to accelerate revenue growth.

You are running marketing campaigns. Your sales team is making calls. What’s keeping you from growing faster?

Every company has a Revenue Growth Engine. This is the sum of their sales and marketing efforts. The problem is that most engines are not firing on all cylinders. There may even be important cylinders missing.

The good news is that when your Revenue Growth Engine is performing with all cylinders firing, you accelerate revenue growth!

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