May 3, 2023

Michael Haynes - Innovate to Accelerate

Michael Haynes - Innovate to Accelerate
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When I think innovation, what comes to mind are think tanks for large enterprise companies or startups huddled up in the conference room of a shared office space around an iPad. However, if anyone needs to innovate, it's small and medium-sized business. Our guest, Michael Haynes, author of Listen Innovate Grow, A Guidebook to Acquire B2B Customers, believes that SME's need to innovate in five core areas to be able to drive growth. In this conversation, he shares powerful strategies you can put to work to innovate to add value and grow revenue!
Michael Haynes is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Listen Innovate Grow.

For over 25 years, Michael has worked with companies ranging from micro-businesses to large corporates across Australia, Asia, Canada and the USA to develop and implement customer strategies and programs to drive business growth.

His passion is helping CEOs and Business owners of small and medium-sized businesses operating in B2B markets to achieve the growth and impact they seek. Michael is also an avid traveler and is regularly invited to be a guest speaker and panelist for an array of SME events and podcasts across Australia, Canada and the United States.

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