July 29, 2020

Adam Kipnes-Stop Marketing Backwards

Adam Kipnes-Stop Marketing Backwards
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Are you marketing backwards? Our guest today, Adam Kipnes, makes the case that many businesses are doing just that, putting their product before the desired outcomes of their prospects. Whether you lead a marketing team, are involved in sales, or lead a company, as you listen to this episode, you’ll get ideas that will help you grow your revenue. Adam is the author of How To Make More Money In Your Business: 8 Strategies You Better Start Using Today! He’s also the host of the Entrepreneur’s MBA podcast on C-Suite Radio. Adam is passionate about helping companies deliver the right message. He believes that many companies are marketing, and selling, backwards. In this episode we’ll explore what this means and how to solve the problem. The end result will be greater resonance with your prospects and greater revenue for your company.