Jan. 6, 2021

Anne Cheng-Artificial Intelligence Driving Sales Results

Anne Cheng-Artificial Intelligence Driving Sales Results
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Many people have forecast the rise of artificial intelligence in sales. Today we hear from an innovator who has developed a way to use artificial intelligence to customize messaging based on the psychological profiles of individual prospects. Our guest, Anne Cheng is the founder at Supercharge Lab where they are using artificial intelligence in some very creative and powerful ways to drive sales. Anne began wondering if artificial intelligence could be used to solve the problem. She came up with a strategy to scans the internet for a prospect’s online voice. Then her team created a profiling engine that matches prospects with customized messages that are targeted at the individual prospect’s personality. This increases the likelihood of responding from less than 2% to more than 25%! This is a fascinating conversation that will give you a window into the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence related to revenue growth.