June 23, 2021

Bill Poole-An Integrator’s Perspective on Revenue Growth

Bill Poole-An Integrator’s Perspective on Revenue Growth
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If you run your business with the Entrepreneur’s Operating System presented in the book, Traction, you are going to enjoy this conversation with an integrator. Even if you don’t use EOS, you’ll appreciate our guest’s perspective on how to make revenue growth consistent and predictable. Our guest for this episode is Bill Poole. He is my business partner at Convergo, a team that helps entrepreneurial companies develop and execute plans to accelerate revenue growth. Bill and I run our business using the Entrepreneurial Operating System outlined in the book, Traction by Gino Wickman. In this model, our business has two core leadership positions: visionary and integrator. As the visionary, I’m looking toward the future, developing new business models, and building alliances. As the integrator, Bill is less concerned about the future and more aware of what’s happening today. His role is critical for execution. Today, Bill is going to share how he thinks about revenue growth from the perspective of an integrator. Whether or not you use the EOS system to run your business, I think you’re going to get a lot from this conversation.