Dec. 9, 2020

Dean Shapero: A Heads Up on Evolving Privacy Regulations

Dean Shapero: A Heads Up on Evolving Privacy Regulations
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Data privacy is a new field with limited information and a massive impact. As business owners, marketers, and sales professionals, we need to understand how data privacy trends impact our businesses. Today, I’ve invited Dean Shapero, a data privacy expert, to share the how data privacy regulations are changing and how we need to prepare. Dean is the founder of, an organization that helps companies navigate the minefield of changing data privacy regulations. You’ll learn about the latest data privacy trends related to marketing, including a change that Facebook made just recently that signals future potential changes in regulations that could impact your business. We’ll talk about trends and how you can prepare. This may not be the most fun topic we address this year. However, it might be the most important. Resources Need a fresh perspective on how to set revenue goals for 2021? Webclass: How To Set Revenue Growth Goals in an Uncertain Market