Nov. 30, 2022

Drew Sechrist - A Powerful New Way to Leverage Your Network

Drew Sechrist - A Powerful New Way to Leverage Your Network
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If you want to grow your revenue you need to grow your network. Our guest today, Drew Sechrist, was one of the first employees at Salesforce. Now, he’s co-founder of Connect the Dots. The ideas he brings to us today will be powerful.

A cold email to Marc Benioff in 1999 landed Drew an account executive job at Salesforce, where he was employee number 36. Drew became the company’s highest-producing seller, then the highest-producing sales manager as Salesforce scaled from zero to more than a billion dollars in revenue.

As a young seller, leaders like Marc Benioff, Jim Steele, and Susan St. Ledger transformed Drew’s career by opening their networks and making warm introductions on Drew’s behalf. With that vision in mind, Drew co-founded Connect The Dots, to make that experience possible for anyone.

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