Oct. 13, 2021

Ethan Beute-Human Centered Communication

Ethan Beute-Human Centered Communication
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We’ve got a great episode lined up for today with my friend, Ethan Beute. He’s the author of Rehumanize Your Business and the new book that was just released yesterday, Human-Centered Communication, A Business Case Against Digital Pollution.

Ethan is the Chief Evangelist a BombBomb, one of my favorite communication tools. He is passionate about helping people communicate, connect, and convert in a more personal and human way. He wakes up every day excited to make things and to make things more effective.

We talk about the incredible danger of digital pollution. We explore the damage that this pollution causes to companies, brands, and sales professionals. Then we discuss how the principles of human-centered design can be used to make our marketing and sales communication much more effective while being less destructive.

Get access to the Human-Centered Communication book and resources at  www.bombbomb.com/book.

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