July 1, 2020

James Buckley-The Evolving Role of the SDR

James Buckley-The Evolving Role of the SDR
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If you want to grow revenue one of the key roles is the job of the Sales Development Representative or SDR. How is the SDR role evolving during the current economic crisis? What can we learn that will help us grow revenue? This week we’re joined by James Buckley, Director of Sales Execution & Evolution with JB Sales. Don’t let the title fool you. James is a practitioner that also trains. In addition to helping teams of SDR’s maximize their success, James works every day in the SDR role himself. What does this mean? Today, you’re going to get fresh, relevant information. James discusses the tension between quantity and quality when prospecting. He explores some of his latest experiments with using platforms like video to prospect. He talks about ways SDR’s can be unique in today’s down economy. You’re going to appreciate the practical nature of this conversation. Grab a pen and a notepad and let’s join this conversation with James Buckley.