Nov. 4, 2020

James Jacobi-Growth Through Radical Integrity

James Jacobi-Growth Through Radical Integrity
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If you want to grow revenue you need to build trust with your prospects and clients. How do you do this in a post-trust world where buyers are highly skeptical? James Jacobi shares powerful ideas that will help you grow. Today’s guest, James Jacobi, helps small to mid-market companies with coaching for their executives and Sales Leaders, and assist them to build and lead a digital business model that can grow and scale. James is the author of Radical Integrity, 7 Breakthrough Strategies for Transforming Your Business, Sales, and Life. In a marketplace where buyers have a low level of trust with companies and sales reps, James challenges us to make sure our message is both authentic and relevant. He unpacks what it means to have radical integrity in today’s marketplace. He shares a powerful idea on  to work with your ideal clients to develop a strategy to get attention with your prospects. You’re going to get a lot out of this conversation so grab a pen and a notepad and get ready to learn from James after a word from our sponsors.