March 30, 2022

Jamie Shanks-Relationship Signal Intelligence

Jamie Shanks-Relationship Signal Intelligence
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We are in the midst of the biggest migration of human capital in history as key contacts at your client and prospect companies get promoted or change jobs. The way you handle this could create incredible sales opportunities for you, or, it could be a massive threat.

Today you’re going to get to know one of the world’s foremost experts in relationship signal intelligence and social selling, Jamie Shanks, the CEO of both Pipeline Signals and Sales for Life. Pipeline Signals is a pioneer in Relationship Signal Intelligence Monitoring, where they monitor and mine your current and target accounts for relationship connections, competitive Intelligence, and compelling events like job changes, allowing companies to buy back their sellers' time so they can focus on selling, not researching. At Sales for Life, Jamie and his team have trained over 250,000 sales and marketing professionals, in dozens of industries.

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