April 28, 2021

Jeb Blount-How To Align Marketing and Sales Processes

Jeb Blount-How To Align Marketing and Sales Processes
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Jeb Blount has been at the epicenter of sales and marketing alignment. Today he shares his perspective on how sales and marketing teams can work together to drive revenue growth. To maximize revenue growth we need to ensure our sales and marketing processes are aligned. Today, you’re going to hear an excerpt from a session with Jeb Blount, author of Fanatical Prospecting, Virtual Selling, and many other great sales books.  Jeb shares stories and insights from his experiences working as the sales liaison in the marketing department for a large company. He also brings insight from the companies he now serves as the founder of Sales Gravy. This is an interesting and provocative conversation packed with challenging ideas. A special shout out today to the Outbound Conference. I’ll be speaking at this powerhouse event in June along with Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter, Meridith Elliott Powell, Mike Weinberg, Larry Levine, and many more thought leaders. You can get $100 off your ticket when you use the code alignment 100 at www.outboundconference.com.