Feb. 2, 2022

Joel Stevenson-Ways to Maximize Sales Engagement and Productivity

Joel Stevenson-Ways to Maximize Sales Engagement and Productivity
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Today you’re going to learn about new ways to leverage technology to boost sales productivity while improving client interactions. Right now it's critical that we enable our sales teams to be productive. At the same time, reps need to be able to have consistent interactions with prospects and clients that are both authentic and personalized.

To help us with this, we’re going to talk with Joel Stevenson, CEO of Yesware, a leader in sales productivity software. He’s an expert in helping businesses become more efficient and productive in the way they interact with clients and prospects.

Over the years, Joel has developed a keen understanding of how technology can be used to improve productivity in vastly different environments and business types. From solopreneurs to the banking industry, Joel has valuable tips and advice for all.

In this episode, we refer to this fantastic report: Sales Engagement Data Trends for Sales Managers.

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