Oct. 14, 2020

John Golden-Harnessing the Power of Sales Automation

John Golden-Harnessing the Power of Sales Automation
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Digital processes are critical for productive sales forces in today’s environment. How do you streamline your processes? Today we'll explore some powerful ideas that will help you sell more effectively. When it comes to questions about process automation and CRM, I can’t think of anyone better to learn from than today’s guest, John Golden. He’s the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Pipeliner CRM. He’s also the host of the Sales Pop podcast. Earlier in 2020 when sales forces scattered to home offices, sales teams that had already thought through their processes and automated them were set up to succeed in the new environment. Other companies that had not invested the time to digitize their process felt the pain of trying to accomplish things in a distributed environment. Whether your team is just beginning the work of digitizing or if you were an early adopter of sales process automation, you’ll appreciate John’s perspective on what needs to be done to streamline your sales operations. You’ll learn why some companies are paralyzed by making sales technology decisions and what to do about it. Check out the new Revenue Growth LIVE show, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 p.m. Eastern | 9:00 a.m. Pacific. Facebook click Join! YouTube click Subscribe!