Feb. 24, 2021

Jon Ferrara-The Future of CRM

Jon Ferrara-The Future of CRM
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The core technology supporting sales and marketing is CRM. What are the current trends in CRM? What should you be thinking as you plan your CRM strategy? What’s next and what do you need to know? There’s nobody better to answer this question that the pioneer of CRM software himself, Jon Ferrara. He co-founded Goldmine CRM over 30 years ago. Today, he continues to innovate as the founder and CEO of Nimble. In this discussion you’ll hear about what’s new in the CRM space. We’ll talk about the core purpose of CRM and how many organizations have gotten distracted from this core purpose. We’ll also explore how critical it is to ensure that there is a single point of truth that shares customer information across marketing, sales and operations. Join the 2021 Sales & Marketing Alignment Challenge