April 14, 2021

Jon Langford-How To Create an Aligned Customer Experience

Jon Langford-How To Create an Aligned Customer Experience
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We live in an experience economy where the company with the best experience enjoys tremendous competitive advantage. How can you turn your customer experience into competitive advantage? Jon Langford coaches us on the the critical components of an incredible customer experience. One of the most important areas of sales and marketing alignment is around customer experience. This can be a powerful source of competitive advantage if your experience is amazing. The opposite can be true as well. Today we’re going to enjoy Jon Langford’s session on Customer Experience at the 2021 Sales & Marketing Alignment Challenge. In his previous role as a Disney Institute instructor, Jon helped organizations discover how to create memorable experiences. Today, Jon helps businesses and nonprofits enhance their client experience to maximize results. He’ll coach us on how top companies create memorable experiences by making them consistent, personable, and memorable. We’ll learn about how we can turn mundane moments into incredible opportunities.