March 10, 2021

Jon Langford-Three Keys to Great Customer Experiences

Jon Langford-Three Keys to Great Customer Experiences
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One of the best ways to create differentiation that drives revenue is by building a remarkable customer experience. When you look at the resume of today’s guest, Jon Langford. you’ll find he has worked with many organizations, including the Disney Institute. Jon will coach us on three ways to build a powerful customer experience. Last week we spoke with Joey Coleman, author of Never Lose a Customer Again. Today we’re going to continue the conversation about customer experience with our guest Jon Langford. He believes that customer experience is the key way to create differentiation that drives revenue. Jon’s resume includes working with Disney and the Disney Institute. He’s also helped both for-profit and nonprofit organizations improve their customer experience. In this conversation, you’ll learn about the three core elements of creating a customer experience that drives revenue. You’ll be challenged to take action to create a remarkable customer experience in your organization.