March 17, 2021

Kathleen Booth and Douglas Burdett-Sales & Marketing Alignment Trends

Kathleen Booth and Douglas Burdett-Sales & Marketing Alignment Trends
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What’s happening when it comes to the critical areas of sales and marketing alignment? In today’s episode, Douglas Burdett and Kathleen Booth share fresh insights on what’s working—and what needs to change. We’re just wrapped up the 2021 Sales and Marketing Alignment Challenge! If you missed it, no worries. You can catch all of the recordings at or text the word alignment to 21000. Today we’re going to hear a segment from the 2021 Sales & Marketing Alignment Challenge. You’ll meet two experts with fresh and relevant insights as to what’s working and what’s not working when it comes to sales and marketing alignment.  Douglas Burdett is the host of The Marketing Book Podcast where he has interviewed over 300 authors. He also is the founder of Artillery, helping manufacturers with complex sales grow revenue. This gives him on-the-ground experience at the intersection of sales and marketing. Our second guest is Kathleen Booth. She is the host of the Inbound Success Podcast where she takes a deep dive into all topics related to inbound marketing and selling. She also serves as the VP of Marketing at, giving her fresh perspectives on what’s happening in the world. You’ll also meet the co-host of the 2021 Sales & Marketing Alignment Challenge, Jim Karrh. You’ll remember him from a previous episode of The Revenue Growth Podcast. Jim is the author of The Science of Customer Connections. In this conversation, we talk about the current state of marketing and sales alignment. We explore best practices. We also talk about what’s broken.