Sept. 29, 2021

Kevin Snow-Aligning Sales and Marketing Technology

Kevin Snow-Aligning Sales and Marketing Technology
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Frustrated with your sales and marketing technologies? Get clarity, ideas, and encouragement from today's guest, Kevin Snow. In his work helping multiple companies optimize their sales and marketing technology, Kevin knows what works and what doesn't. We discuss the best practices he's seeing for companies that are growing. We also introduce two ideas that are critical for success. The conversation ends with a peek into the future of sales and marketing tech.

Kevin Snow is the Founder/CEO of Time On Target, an army veteran, an entrepreneur, a sales expert, and a serious technology geek. His expertise is helping businesses take their sales and marketing automation processes to a higher level. His knowledge, skills, and understanding of communication and technology are getting real results for the businesses he works with. Kevin knows how to integrate digital technology with your sales process in an authentic, professional way. He’ll show you what you’ve been missing in terms of ensuring an effective system of outreach, and trust-building.

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