March 31, 2021

Mark Hunter-Ideal Customer Profile

Mark Hunter-Ideal Customer Profile
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As the market continues to shift, the needs of your ideal customers are shifting as well. Who are your ideal prospects and customers? What do they want? Today’s guest, Mark Hunter coaches us on how to develop an ideal customer profile. Today we're going to feature Mark’s session from the 2021 Sales & Marketing Alignment Challenge on the topic of Ideal Customer Profiles.  Defining your ideal customer is a great activity for sales and marketing to discuss for alignment. With the changes during the pandemic, your ideal customer may have changed. There is also a good chance that their needs have changed as well. Marketing and sales can work together to define the ideal customer profile and determine the needs. This forms a foundation for the right prospects and the right message. Mark gives us a comprehensive list of questions we can explore together to define our ideal client. This session is practical and will help you get clarity! Learn more about the Sales & Marketing Alignment INTENSIVE, six guided sessions to help you achieve tighter sales & marketing alignment!