Oct. 21, 2020

Matt Baglia-SMS Text Messaging In the B2B Space

Matt Baglia-SMS Text Messaging In the B2B Space
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Text messaging is a powerful communication channel with 98% of messages being opened and read within 10 minutes. SMS expert, Matt Baglia joins us today to talk about how businesses can use SMS to grow revenue. Matt is the CEO at SlickText.com where he leads a team whose Mission is to connect the world through text messaging. He’s been deeply involved in SMS and text messaging strategies in both the business to consumer and the business to business space.  All of us can think about how our local coffee shop or restaurant uses text messaging. Today we discuss how text could be used in the B2B environment. Matt shares some use cases. We’ll discuss when to click send, and when to not. You’ll learn how to set proper expectations with those who opt in. We also explore how text can be used in a sales context.