July 15, 2020

Mike Garrison-Predictable Referrals

Mike Garrison-Predictable Referrals
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One of the most effective ways to grow business is by referrals. The challenge is that most sales professionals do not have a referral process. Our guest today, Mike Garrison, is a true expert in generating referrals, helping financial advisors generate a predictable stream of referrals for their business. Whether you own a business, lead a sales team, or work in marketing, you are going to benefit from the ideas in this episode! Mike Garrison is the founder of Values Based Mindset and co-author of Truth or Delusion, Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths. He’s a true expert in the area of referral selling, working with high performance financial advisors helping them build businesses with better results and less regret. In this episode, we get into the nitty gritty of referrals. We’ll address questions like, “Why are sales people are hesitant to ask for referrals?” You’ll discover the true value of referrals. We’ll also discuss the three people involved in each referral and which one has the most amount of risk.