June 10, 2020

Nigel Green: A Smart Alternative To Geographic Sales Territories

Nigel Green: A Smart Alternative To Geographic Sales Territories
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Want to accelerate your revenue growth? Try focusing your sales team on ideal clients—the type of clients that can really move the needle. Our guest today, Nigel Green, has a lot to say on this topic. He’s the Author of Revenue Harvest, A Sales Leader’s Almanac for Planning the Perfect Year. This has become one of my favorite sales management books. Nigel has over 15 years of experience leading sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, mid-market companies, and startup. With this diverse experience, whether you are in sales, marketing, or own a company, you are going to benefit from the insights Nigel shares.  In the Revenue Growth Engine book, I talk about accelerating growth by attracting Ideal Clients. These are the types of clients that can move the needle for you because they can buy everything you sell. How do you set up your sales team to land more ideal clients and expand your business inside these clients? In this conversation, Nigel Green shares his recommendations on how companies can move from geographic territories to account-based territories. This conversation is packed with great ideas. Grab a pen and notepad and let’s learn from Nigel Green, author of Revenue Harvest.