July 27, 2022

Sean M. Doyle-Helping Buyers Change for Good

Sean M. Doyle-Helping Buyers Change for Good
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If you are responsible for driving growth in your business but have run out of levers to pull, you are frustrated with dead-in-the-water marketing ideas and have sales that just never seem to get closed, then you are going to enjoy this conversation with Sean M. Doyle.

Sean is the author of Shift: 19 Practical, Business-Driven Ideas for an Executive in Charge of Marketing but Not Trained for the Task. He is principal at FitzMartin Inc, a leading consultancy focused on sales marketing and management, sales and marketing technology services, and revenue operations. Over a 25+ year career and more than 5,000 client engagements, Sean has amassed unmatched expertise in helping B2B companies sell more to their most profitable customers.

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