Nov. 24, 2021

Simon Hares-How To Create a Sales Strategy

Simon Hares-How To Create a Sales Strategy
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Do you have a strategy for 2022? Whether you lead a company, lead a sales team, or manage a sales territory, you need a strategy--especially in these turbulent times.

Today you're going to learn about the powerful and practical VOLTE strategy model from my friend, Simon Hares. He’s the Founder and Managing Director at SerialTrainer7. He's developed a wealth of experience having trained thousands of sales professionals and leaders. The VOLTE model is a tool you can use to help set yourself up for success in 2022 and beyond!

Simon is also a curator of knowledge, having read hundreds of books in sales, marketing, and leadership. When you follow him on LinkedIn you’ll get to know Simon’s book garden where he features his favorite books. Just this past year, Revenue Growth Engine made it onto the garden path! Simon is the co-author of The B2B Sales Tips Guidebook, coming out in November.

If you have a sales team and you want to boost results, you need to get to know Selling From the Heart. What’s great about Selling From the Heart is how it takes a different approach to drive sales. The goal is to build trust quickly with clients and prospects through authenticity. The result is more effective prospecting, higher close rates, and more referrals. Best of all, the Selling From the Heart methodology works with your existing sales model. To learn more, visit and make sure to listen to me and my co-host Larry Levine each week on the Selling From the Heart Podcast!